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Monday, November 30, 2009

Boracay Island

Looking for magnificent Island Boracay is perfect to visit for your vacation.
Boracay Island, it is a tropical Island approximately 316 kilometers of North West tip of Panay island is the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The Island is under control of Department of Tourism with the coordination of provential government Aklan. The name of Boracay is came from Borac local word meaning it is a cotton, reference to the color of the white sand and the very soft pulverized which give a reason why the entire area of world love it. The Island mark also a record as the most finest beach in the world. The place is so perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach.
No one else going over there that's not wanting to coming back and have a great impression of the beach. This is one of the capital and world class record white finest beach. According to the tourist vacationer it is remarkable nice beach than a Phuket. This 2009 Boracay has just been named as one of New York Times' 44 Places to Go in 2009.

This is a great beach for a lot of activities you can enjoy and have fun. A lot of sexy lady walking on the beach just wearing a swim suit wear to adds the beauty of the beach and feel the different atmosphere.The most unique thing you can appreciate of the place and you can see like a paradise is the white sand castle mostly made by children over there. It is a hand made and consider as a great one.

Local and foreign country wanting to visit this place.
This good also for the accommodation of wedding events and honeymoon.
The island jewel of Boracay — known for its emerald water, white sand beaches and glassy lagoons — may be just that. Less than an hour from Manila by plane, this small, four-mile-long island has long been a destination for wealthy Filipinos. Now, a new breed of South Beach-style hotels is broadening the island's appeal. The Tides, a chic boutique hotel, has quickly become the pool-and-party spot for the Philippine jet set. And later this year, a Shangri-La hotel opens with 219 rooms and villas and a 61,000-square-foot spa on a private bay.

Things to do in Boracay

Read and Enjoy the Activities:

Boracay island is first and foremost a sun-worshippers paradise. Fine white sand and calm waters conspire to keep visitors coming back. Massages, fruit shakes, drinks, snacks, and even wi-fi make for a one-stop beach experience.

Those who tire of lazing about will enjoy traversing the sandy pedestrian path along the white beach. Restaurants, shops, scuba diving, mountain bike rentals, and sea sports of all sorts are available along the beach. There will be no shortage of friendly faces offering sunset paraw (the local sailboat) tours, island hopping and tours by motorized banca, hair braiding and henna tattooing, and even a little Nemo to show you some clown fish through a glass bottomed boat! Internet, phone, and fax are available all over the island. Notable are the Korean owned Station 168 and Inso at D'Mall.

For the more adventurous, there is D'Wall, a rock climbing wall located at D'Mall near Boat Station 2, mountain biking around the island, kayaking around the island (about 4 hours- definitely not recommended in rough seas)

Diving and Snorkeling.

Boracay island is surrounded entirely by reef. The fine white sand is actually a product of the grinding of dead coral. Most dive sites are within 15-20 minutes by boat. Perhaps the best diving is to be found at Yapak, a 30-65m sheer wall covered by soft coral and frequented by large fish. Depth, currents, and choppy waters tend to make this an advanced dive. The dive shop will bring you to more accessible areas for drift dives and cave dives. The sheltered western end of the island also has calm, shallow reefs for beginners.

Windsurfing and Kite-surfing.

Boracay island has become a destination for wind and kite-surfing. Conditions are good year-round at various areas around the island. Bulabog Beach along the eastern shore of Boracay island is a popular area for beginners and experts alike due to the onshore winds and shallow bottom.

Other Water Sports.
Nearly every imaginable water sport is available in Boracay. Motorized boats, kayaks, para-sailing, banana boats, and jet-skis are all available at reasonable rates.

Mountain Biking.
Numerous places rent out mountain bikes. Check the quality of the bike carefully as the ocean air is very unkind to mountain bikes. If you are able to find a good quality rental, there are many enjoyable tours to be had around Boracay Island.


There is a massage to be had for every budget, from the Php 350/hour beach massage to the $70 treatments and the world-renowned Mandala Spa near Station 3 of Boracay Island. Nestled in a lush forested hill is a first-class native-style resort and spa offering restorative packages such as foot baths, body wraps, floral baths, and massage. A professional but loving touch divinely invigorates the worldly worn among us.
Kite-surfing in Boracay

Kite surfing is one of the many attractions of Boracay. Boracay has much to offer not only to kite, sures of all abilities, but also to their companions. A beautiful bay with warm blue water is lined with palm trees. The water is typically no deeper than chest lever throughout the entire bay.

Friday, November 27, 2009

NASA Kennedy Space Center

I'm going to post today the most interesting place in the world. The NASA's Kennedy Space Center it is located in Brevard County on Florida East Coast.
The Kennedy Space Center is one of 10 NASA center and served as America's spaceport.
The space shuttle launches are visible for miles around even in my home area I can view the the space shuttle to take off but be ready for your cam because it is flown very fast. Thousands of people coming and visit here in Kennedy space Center just to watch the launches. The Kennedy Space Center complex offers for tour, exhibits where you learned a lot about the NASA and the outer space. They will give a sort of history about the astronauts and particular about their food.
The Space Shuttle have recently mission to the
moon to discover about if their is a water in the moon and about the texture of it. I was remember when I was grade
school I always wonder how the first astronaut Nail Armstrong going there and how he survive in the outer space. Here the NASA Kennedy Space Center answer all my question before and Feeds my wonder about the moon. It is awesome to watch the shuttle and keeping my eyes about their mission.
NASA is an agency of the United State Government which is responsible for the nation's public space program. NASA was established by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958. The agency become operational on October 1, 1958. NASA ha led in U.S effort for
space exploration ever since, resulting in the Apollo mission to the moon, Skylab space station, and now the Space Shuttle.

Apollo program is the mission to land human on the moon and bring them back safely to Earth. Skylab was the first space station the United State launch
into orbit. The Space shuttle is become a major focus of NASA since late 1970's and 1980's until this moment.

Today another successful moment of NASA after 11 days brilliant mission in the outer space all astronaut land back into the Earth safety. The Space Shuttle touch on Kennedy Space Center at 9:45 morning Friday. Welcome back to the earth all Astronaut job well done. It is a sweet home again and happy belated celebrating a thanks giving. I know they miss all the family and their mission is not easy. Thanks a lot for all the knowledge of outer space and information they giving update to all people. Always praying for the successful of all mission. Very proud of this NASA program how I dream to be one of person touching the ground on the moon. The last mission they have is called Atlantis mission I hope it is not true about I heard the last Mission of NASA is this coming 2010 or 2011 they will stop having mission outside the Earth because it is so expensive. They said sending astronaut in the outer space is not a priority project of the government and no more budget for all expenses. How sad it is after all this years plus more crew in the Kennedy Space Center are lost their job. I know the mission is very expensive but it because of this mission the U.S.A proved beyond above the dream they rich and achieved it. They proved that discovery is an answer of all wonders for every people. For me Discovery is a beginning of life because that's a time we open our eyes absorbed in our brain knowing a lot of things as another stepping stone to our life.

Thank you all reader Have a bless full day all I hope everybody enjoy reading and learned a lot.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MACY'S Thanks Giving Parade

The Annual 83rd November 26, 2009. People can watch the parade from a building above of Times Square in Macy's Thanks Giving Parade New York. The route is passing Broadway as it heads South from the upper West side to
Macy flagship store in Herald Square.
This is a big parade of the year for the Thanks Giving in the United State. We can see different big balloons of different company and character. A lot of big floats also where representative from the different state and with a band singer performer. This parade is a chance to all different business company to reach and thanks all people. Their is a big band also represent from any different State .
The Macy Thanks giving Parade is served as one of tradition entertainment festival since 1924 to celebrate. A lot of people are watching this parade from different Country. What I
amaze this parade so much are the big balloons floating in air and the big floats with mascot and artistic design by any company.

The word Macy is came from the name of department store where the
traditional parade history started when many employees workers from Macy department store were first immigrant generation. Proud of their new heritage they wanted to celebrate the United States holiday Thanks Giving with the type of festival. A lot of
people love the festival and they name first a Macy Christmas parade until it become Macy's Thanks Giving Christmas parade were a lot of sponsor march the street and till it become known and tradition of the United State.
During this events a lot of people go shopping because this is a time also for a big sale of the store all over the United. State. This is a chance to everybody to get 70% off for all the staff they want to buy so it is a big save for everybody.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plimoth Plantation

Happy Thanks Giving to all reader
Month of November 26 the United State of America have a biggest event and traditional holiday. Plimoth Plantation is the best place to visit to bring back the colonial history and connected about the Thanks giving Event. The Plimoth Plantation is a living museum of Plymouth, Massachusetts that reconstruct the original settlements of the Plymouth Colony which stableshed in the 17 century by English Colonist who first emigrate in America. The Museum was started 1947 by Henry Hornblower II was start set up a house exhibit.

Now a days the Plimoth Plantation has a different recreation to offer for all visitor. They have a very historical style of Wampanoag Homesite this is a very traditional house of American Indian or Native American people before the arrival of English. The modern character dress up a traditional dress and talking about the history of the colony. Explain and demonstrate their living style. Not only that you will be a grateful also to the extraordinary experience of Mayflower II it's give detail of the ship which have all been created in 17 century. Everything you will experienced during the colony time that really so amazing. The Mayflower II also is a symbolized of American and British unity after world war II. They have craft center also, 1627 English village it is a re-creation of the small farming town built
by English colonist. You can see also the NYE barn which you
see the breeding of different animal.
Gift shop you can have it all there also. The dinning, visitor center, Cinema, and many more that you can enjoy and give interest to learned about the colonial time. They offer also the special Thanks giving dining which you can feel it in a traditional way. The Thanks giving is a Traditional holiday start even the mid's of century where they celebrate after the harvesting time. This all about giving thanks for all the year round and talking all about foods which they preparing in the table. This is a time also for all family to gather and socialized friend. The Turkey is one of the food which symbolized of the Thanks Givings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Banaue Ancient Wonder

Banaue Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras part of the North Luzon Philippines. The Rice Terraces found in the provinces of Kalinga, Apayao, Benguet, Mountain Province and Ifugao.

My posting today is giving recognation to all hard working Filipino indigenous ancestors. As a Filipino it is my pride to looking back and introduce in whole world how Filipino people start their life living in past 2,000 to 6,000 years. Maybe a lot of Filipino people forgot and cannot remember about the ancient time because the time goes fast by and more technology and places are develop now. I know a lot of people all over the world have a question what is the history of the Filipino people and how they live and what kind of culture they have. The ancient Ifugao is the one structure to firm the prehistory of the
Filipino people how they survive and their life living before it become modernized.
Look at the Ifugao people how they look like, that's the way they remarkable
from prehistoric of the Filipino country. When I am talking about way of living it is about how they survive of their daily life including the foods and shelter. The Rice Terraces is the symbolized of all indigenous ancestors how hard working they are and how creative and potential to built by their hand just to make a huge farm to sustain the thrives. Very amazing and very proud I cannot imagine how they change the structure of mountain into like this just to plant and leveling the rice, different crops and fruit so that it will grow well and will not damage by the flash floods of heavy rain and land slide. Isn't it a big wonder??? How beauty it is like a stair way in heaven.

The Rice Terraces is the Banaue Ancient Wonder it is referred to the Filipino of the "Eighth Wonder of the World" I hope and pleasing to preserved this mountain for other generation and as a historic appeal of all Filipino. The rice Terraces of Banaue Cordilleras are big icon of the Philippines also because has named as a world heritage site by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 1995. It has passed by the UNESCO standard due to the blending of the standard of physical, sociocultural, economic, religious, and political environment as a living cultural landscape. A place consider as a hot tourist spot of the world famous. It surrounded by mountains and tribal villages, it is a hiker's paradise gives a magnificent sight.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Daytona Sprint Fanzone

The SPRINT Fan Zone located within the infield at Daytona International Speedway. The fans have a great time to enjoy and tour inside the fan zone. You can watch the garage of all the different driver and seen how all the team gets assemble and working together. The fans have a chance to have a tour inside the speed way and feel the victory lane. All the fanatic are excited for the event and get a chance to have a picture of their favorite car team and chase driver. You can see different staff from the different driver that they sold out. Includes t-shirt, cap, and many more where you can shop. The one reason also why the fan zone is open to anybody is because to get near to all fans and the fans feel the whole energy of speed way. They give more interest and knowledge what all about the NASCAR race.

The fan zone have a place also for camp ground where people from other state can stay there before the race or after the race. Picnic, parties, trade show, concert and much more event perfectly for any body.
Most of other people I seen they have a party
they set up a trailer, tables and chair where beers and smokey grill food are ready for the party time. The party is not complete with out the a band performer and the budweiser bistro so just be prepared your self for the loud crowd and enjoy the music band.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


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This early in the morning I was busy visiting to my other friend in my blog.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Port Canaveral, Florida

Cruise line and Cruise ship departing from Port Canaveral Central, Florida. The Port Canaveral is very popular that has more 4.5 million cruise passenger each year. The place known of a quintessential cruise launch site. Located in the east coast Central Florida. The place offer cruise line, cargo lines, and shipper, business and vacationer. The place has camp ground also like the other day November 15 , 2009 the place is very busy a lot of people coming from other country just to watch and have a good view of the launch of space shuttle as well as the biggest cruise ship coming and back from Port Canaveral. This is a big high lights of the place and representing of a good economy for every arriving here of the different big cruise.

The one thing you don't want to miss is the great wonder experience of the Kennedy Space Center. Good for whole family to witness the glorious past and test of NASA, inspiring present and exciting future invents.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pamilacan Island

Pamilacan Island Bohol is a small Island, part of the municipality of Baclayon.
It is between the deep sea of Bohol and Mindanao.
Polong Pamilacan or Pamilacan Island is always remembering when I was kid. I heard a lot about that place from my mother. She is from Bohol and grown up over there. She mention a lot about Pamilacan have a lot of dolphins, whales and manta which the local called it sanga or bulad sanga mean dried manta rays. Every time my mother visit the Island of Bohol she always bring bulad sanga or dried manta rays. The dried manta rays was the source of income of local and they have manta rays slaughter which known about the Island.
Pamilacan means " resting place of the Mantas" known of fishing the first source of income of the locals. I heard from local folks the name of Island derived from "pamilac or harpoon" a common fishing implement used to capture whale sharks, manta rays and dolphins. Whale hunting is the tradition handed down by the ancestor. Aside from whales, they been killing dolphins, whale shark, manta rays for generation.

Year 1997 the World Wide Fund for Nature was introduce in Pamilacan Island. The program implementing that dolphins, whale shark and manta are ban in the Philippines Government in year 2008. The whale watching integrated village help to develop the program and protect the marine mammals and promote the healthy marine environment. The Island is part of BMT also Bohol Marine Triangle a marine sanctuary on the northwest side. It's a home species of cetaceans. The large whales most often spotted are the Byrd’s whales and the sperm whales. Byrd’s whales are massive yet plankton eaters that can grow up to 15 meters. The sperm whales, the largest predator, reach up to 18 meters. The later is the prime target of whalers whole over the world.

In the present the Island is change a lot and develop. They are very bless of marine life, nice white beach and nice nature where right now they know how to taking care of it. The program is really help a lot to introduce the Pamilacan as Dolphin and Whale watcher. A great destination of tourist because of magnificent dive sites nearby which gives the diver a breathtaking view of giant gorgonians, tunicates, sponges, anemones as well as other unique marine life. Tour boating is one of the very nice activity in the Island so that you can enjoy watching how the dolphins and whales fly and dive in the ocean. Whales and many of the dolphins are most active at night and during early morning, the best time to watch them it's dawn when you can clearly see them and appreciate their antics. Trips usually begin in March until the onset of the rainy season in June or July though tours depend much on weather and sea conditions. Though you can see and watch the resident dolphins and whales in the whole year round. Plus The place is nice also for the reception of wedding it's like a virgin Island captivate your heart.

Monday, November 16, 2009

MGM Grand Arena

MGM Grand Arena Located in MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The place of fame for all famous person who mark a history in this place. Big concert of big performerlike Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna, Green day and many more famous performer who make a remarkable name at MGM Grand Arena. The Grand Arena Notable Hosted of Boxing matches, Big concert and Athletics events.

The big match of boxing hosted in the place November 14 Saturday, 2009 another knock out on the ring for the final decision makes scream the crowd Manny Paquiao is born to win again. The Filipino Legend who knock out the 29 years old boxer Miguel Angel Cotto Vazquez Puerto Rican professional boxer representative as a lightweight and light welterweight division. Cotto have a total fight of 36, wins 34, win by KO is 27, loses 2. Compare to Paquiao he had a total fight of 55, his win is 50, wins by KO 38, losses 3 and draw is
2. Paquiao is the Pride of Filipino. A lot of times he raise the
flag of the Philippines. He unit all Filipino and all his fans all over the world every time of his boxing fight. Paquiao is a
30 year old Filipino born on December 17, 1978 at Kibabwe Bukidnon, Philippines.

My friend was so proud, she feel the fame of MGM Grand Arena Garden during the Paquiao and Cotto boxing match last November 14 2009. The place was nice it's really home of championship, concert and special events. The Arena offers a comfortable seating as many as 16,800 people with the excellent of sight lines and state of the arts. Acoustic lighting and sounds to feel the glancing spirits of the Hall fame.

Friday, November 13, 2009


So amazing experience to be a part of Shamu Rocks
It is rock'n roll concert starring with the Seaworld Killer Whale. It is a fantasy come true to me to watch the shamu rock I thought it will happen only to my dream to watch it on tv and just in movies. But my hubby give a chance to me to watch the Killer whale to perform infront of the crowd. It is my first time to join this seasonal show very incredible rock n' roll concert unprecedented proportion combining improvisational movement of killer whales with music remixed with some of the hottest rock star in the industry. Shamu is a stage name of SeaWorld iconic( Orca) or killer whale show. Orca or iconic is the name of the black fish is the largest species of the dolphin family. They are called killer whale often because they hunt whale sometimes for food. They are found all over the world ocean, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic region to warm, tropical seas. The name Shamu means "friend of Namu-She" and was given name to the second female Orca ever captured in Seaworld. Her final year of performing in front of an audience was mired in controversy. The Orca give a trade mark stage name show performing..

Shamu is presented the fallowing SeaWorld parks:

*Orlando Florida

*San Diego Califirnia
*San Antonio Texas

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tamiami Trail

The Tamiami Florida.
The name comes from the combination of the name of two (2) places Tampa and Miami. The reason of this unique name combination is because the Tamiami Trail, a roadway that connecting the two cities.
The Tamiami trail was built in 1920s to allow vehicles to travel
between Tampa and Miami. The bridge is the one
biggest goal and dream of the Southern Florida.
It helps to connect and develop the places like Everglades, Big Cypress , Naples , Sarasota bay. This is the longest trail road that represent how good and great are the engineers and residents here to have that bridge plan. Imagine from the Tampa to Miami along the road of that place there is a lot more nice and historical places you can stop by and amaze you to visit. One of that place is the beautiful section of Big cypress a million acres of forest that is dark, foreboding and beautiful. The sizes of trees, orchids, the elusive Florida panthers, ambush otters, hogs and deer. The Sarasota Bay has a blue waters of Bay, is one of Florida's better-off and better-looking towns, and also one of the state's leading cultural centers.The community is far less stuffy than its wealth might suggest, and downtown Sarasota is fairly lively, with caf├ęs, bars and eateries complementing the excellent grouping of bookstores for which the place has been known. Most visitors stop by to see the Ringling estate on the town's northern edge " home of the art". Plus the beautiful barrier island beaches which is a couple of miles away across the bay.
Tamiami Trail can be the most exciting place, the wild trail road and kind of adventure I really can't forgot the time that my hubby driven the bridge trail going to Ft.Myers that was a very attractive trips across the bridge. We stop by also in a one park which have a tallest statue which caught my attention and really amaze it. I know there is a lot more about the Tamiami Trail and more nice places accross the road and more exciting attraction. My knowledge is not enough to express about that historical bridge but the important is the Southern Florida dream become true and they become successful for that project of Tamiami trail bridge.