LOVE OF MY LIFE: Sep 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

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September year 2008 I was arrive here in the United state. I never forgot how excited I am because all I thought everything is just a dream for me. I am so glad and very happy on that day because finally me and my husband never been far anymore. We can spend our time together and living happily ever after.

Everything are changed in me  one of it are the foods I ate, the culture, people around me and life style. My activity daily was totally change I can tell it is more easily here and most of the time I do nothing because I just a full time wife that time. I feel bored sometimes because all I did just watching TV and most of the time eating different American foods which most are fatty foods.

After a month I felt and observed different to my body. I felt like I gain weight because my body was a kind of heavy every time I do something it makes me feel tired easily. I observed also all my skinny jeans, short and skirt become tighter at me. I feel little bad about it because I know gaining weight is so hard to loss then I keep gaining after every month staying here in the united State.

My husband know I feel bother and feel bad about my figure. He knows that I want to keep my figure the way before. I keep trying to diet but still it is not effective to me, I  still can't lost my weight.  One day I am thinking and realized the reason why I gain weight as easily and fast like this is because not just because of the foods I ate, it's because of my daily routine also was change. I am not moving a lot here and no more walking I did since I got here because we always used own vehicles.

I talked my cousin and discuss her about my issues of gaining weight. She mention me that it is important and I need to do some exercises because diet is not totally effective if I cannot get back my daily routine. In my situation I don't like to walked outside or do something any outside activities because I just new here in my area so I feel uncomfortable and scared from other people that I don't know. She told me not to worry about it because a lot of machine now a day where I can used for my exercise just here inside the house. My cousin got one equipment called Treadmill it is pretty cool because you can run with it and set a time when you want to stop. I am thinking that is the best thing for me here so I can keep my self busy doing exercise and feel comfortable here at home.

The best one I seen for the treadmill for my fitness is the one of my cousin got it is very unique feature and function very great you don't need to adjust all the time. It is a lot of fun and I really love it.  This fitness equipment engineered to include the wide range of programs include the six virtual of reality courses. These courses are programmed to authomatically adjust the incline along the route giving you a seamless workout without the need to change setting every  now and then.