LOVE OF MY LIFE: Sep 26, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Water World of Davao a place where you can celebrates and held a special occasion, party and family outing or reunion, They have a accommodation for overnight for you to stay to your vacation time and relaxation. They have all facilities of swimming pool which everybody will love and enjoy the slide staff. The place where over looking to the beach which you can walk with hand in hand to your love one while enjoying the breeze of the beach and the sounds of the waves. They have a cottage also which you can put all your food and staff. Cottage which you can rest and stay while waiting your time when you want to swim and enjoy the water or walking and seeing around
My goodbye party was held at Water World Sept, 2008. I remember that everybody was enjoy so much spending time with the big swimming pool . I got that party because for the next day was my flight going to USA..