LOVE OF MY LIFE: Nov 25, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Plimoth Plantation

Happy Thanks Giving to all reader
Month of November 26 the United State of America have a biggest event and traditional holiday. Plimoth Plantation is the best place to visit to bring back the colonial history and connected about the Thanks giving Event. The Plimoth Plantation is a living museum of Plymouth, Massachusetts that reconstruct the original settlements of the Plymouth Colony which stableshed in the 17 century by English Colonist who first emigrate in America. The Museum was started 1947 by Henry Hornblower II was start set up a house exhibit.

Now a days the Plimoth Plantation has a different recreation to offer for all visitor. They have a very historical style of Wampanoag Homesite this is a very traditional house of American Indian or Native American people before the arrival of English. The modern character dress up a traditional dress and talking about the history of the colony. Explain and demonstrate their living style. Not only that you will be a grateful also to the extraordinary experience of Mayflower II it's give detail of the ship which have all been created in 17 century. Everything you will experienced during the colony time that really so amazing. The Mayflower II also is a symbolized of American and British unity after world war II. They have craft center also, 1627 English village it is a re-creation of the small farming town built
by English colonist. You can see also the NYE barn which you
see the breeding of different animal.
Gift shop you can have it all there also. The dinning, visitor center, Cinema, and many more that you can enjoy and give interest to learned about the colonial time. They offer also the special Thanks giving dining which you can feel it in a traditional way. The Thanks giving is a Traditional holiday start even the mid's of century where they celebrate after the harvesting time. This all about giving thanks for all the year round and talking all about foods which they preparing in the table. This is a time also for all family to gather and socialized friend. The Turkey is one of the food which symbolized of the Thanks Givings.