LOVE OF MY LIFE: Oct 22, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Paradise Island of Samal a place along the famous Davao Gulf it is 7 min's boat ride from downtown of Davao City. No more longer to reach the paradise it didnt take a life time because Paradise Island of Samal is here offers a bundle of unique experiences from the boat ride to the shores of the island. As you cruise across the gulf, be amazed by a great panoramic view of Davao City and Mount Apo as its background to your right and the best side of Samal Island ahead which shows the white sand and azure blue waters on a sunny day. Be lulled by the sound of the soft waves at the same time feel the sea breeze in your face. The Paradise Island Society has established its own brand of hospitality called the PAP.

P– stands for Pahiyom in the local dialect, every resort staff is enjoined to wear a smile on their face when inside the resort and also encouraged to do the same outside. A– stands for Abi – abi in the local dialect, each guest should be provided with whatever is needed for their well-being during their stay. P– stands for Pasalamat in the local dialect, each employee should be thankful for every given opportunity to serve our guests and invites them to come again. The swimming area is adequately manned by lifeguards all day which makes swimming more enjoyable and worry free even for young kids and a few strokes farther leads you to an area perfect for snorkeling or even diving. The family is really perfect for this area for outing and swimming. Paradise Island have a beautiful park also which kids enjoy and love it. A garden have different species of animal and birds you can appreciate.
Paradise Island has established connections with 911 in Davao City as an option for help in case of emergencies especially involving life – threatening situations.


Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort