LOVE OF MY LIFE: MACY'S Thanks Giving Parade

Thursday, November 26, 2009

MACY'S Thanks Giving Parade

The Annual 83rd November 26, 2009. People can watch the parade from a building above of Times Square in Macy's Thanks Giving Parade New York. The route is passing Broadway as it heads South from the upper West side to
Macy flagship store in Herald Square.
This is a big parade of the year for the Thanks Giving in the United State. We can see different big balloons of different company and character. A lot of big floats also where representative from the different state and with a band singer performer. This parade is a chance to all different business company to reach and thanks all people. Their is a big band also represent from any different State .
The Macy Thanks giving Parade is served as one of tradition entertainment festival since 1924 to celebrate. A lot of people are watching this parade from different Country. What I
amaze this parade so much are the big balloons floating in air and the big floats with mascot and artistic design by any company.

The word Macy is came from the name of department store where the
traditional parade history started when many employees workers from Macy department store were first immigrant generation. Proud of their new heritage they wanted to celebrate the United States holiday Thanks Giving with the type of festival. A lot of
people love the festival and they name first a Macy Christmas parade until it become Macy's Thanks Giving Christmas parade were a lot of sponsor march the street and till it become known and tradition of the United State.
During this events a lot of people go shopping because this is a time also for a big sale of the store all over the United. State. This is a chance to everybody to get 70% off for all the staff they want to buy so it is a big save for everybody.

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  1. I liked these pictures, and its parade will always be the one of the best in the world