Friday, November 13, 2009


So amazing experience to be a part of Shamu Rocks
It is rock'n roll concert starring with the Seaworld Killer Whale. It is a fantasy come true to me to watch the shamu rock I thought it will happen only to my dream to watch it on tv and just in movies. But my hubby give a chance to me to watch the Killer whale to perform infront of the crowd. It is my first time to join this seasonal show very incredible rock n' roll concert unprecedented proportion combining improvisational movement of killer whales with music remixed with some of the hottest rock star in the industry. Shamu is a stage name of SeaWorld iconic( Orca) or killer whale show. Orca or iconic is the name of the black fish is the largest species of the dolphin family. They are called killer whale often because they hunt whale sometimes for food. They are found all over the world ocean, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic region to warm, tropical seas. The name Shamu means "friend of Namu-She" and was given name to the second female Orca ever captured in Seaworld. Her final year of performing in front of an audience was mired in controversy. The Orca give a trade mark stage name show performing..

Shamu is presented the fallowing SeaWorld parks:

*Orlando Florida

*San Diego Califirnia
*San Antonio Texas


  1. wow si shamu. huli kung punta sa sea world last year wala sya sa show eh

  2. Wow! That's great! You are very lucky!

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