LOVE OF MY LIFE: Sep 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


September 22 Monday night in the Miami Stadium the intense of football game was really overcoming. The Colts Indianapolis proved again to the whole world that they can win their team for how many minutes left. Peyton Manning number 18 did his most best of chances to help his team to made a score and he did it with a back up of Dallas Clark and the receiver Pierre Garcon, the stadium was shaken and everybody screaming included me and my husband when the colts made a final score of 27 that was so intense all I thought colts had no enough time to make a score.
The beer complete the party of that night when me and my hubby watching the football game. WE cheer the Indiana Colts Team because my hubby born and grow in Indiana he proud the colts team and I support him. I was just felt sad because I know all Miami was excited to win in there own field and the Dolphins was leading score for a 4th quarter but sad to say the Colts pass all their depends and make a good score and the Dolphins out of time to cover up the score and win the team. That was a good game I seen it's another mark story of football game "colts kick out the dolphins in their own field" .