LOVE OF MY LIFE: Jun 13, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Spills Oil Desaster

The ongoing impact of BP oil spills in Gulf of Mexico presents is the most widespread of ecological and economical disaster in the United State history. A lot of affected by the oil slick including the beach front property owners, vacation rental owners, and hoteliers, restaurants, sports fishing charters, waters sports rental company, fishermen, seafood distributors, and marketers and those whose  living is tied to  Gulf of Mexico and any other individuals and business that have have or may suffer economically as a result of this oil spills disaster.

As the massive oil spills caused by the worst rig explosion in decades continues  to spread across the Gulf of Mexico, the impact of our lives and our local economy is yet to be determined. The potential ecological and economic damaged could be monumental and the economic affects from the ecological damage could be more pervasive and long lasting than we can ever imagine. While BP has accepted  responsibility for the oil spills and has pledge to pay for clean up and all the damage done included all the business owners and many more affected from it.

At the presents, significant claims arising from the oil spills include fishing and other commercial interruption, loss of tourism, hotel and hospitality revenues, damage to real property, loss of tax revenues, shipping and transportation interruption.