LOVE OF MY LIFE: Boracay Island

Monday, November 30, 2009

Boracay Island

Looking for magnificent Island Boracay is perfect to visit for your vacation.
Boracay Island, it is a tropical Island approximately 316 kilometers of North West tip of Panay island is the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The Island is under control of Department of Tourism with the coordination of provential government Aklan. The name of Boracay is came from Borac local word meaning it is a cotton, reference to the color of the white sand and the very soft pulverized which give a reason why the entire area of world love it. The Island mark also a record as the most finest beach in the world. The place is so perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach.
No one else going over there that's not wanting to coming back and have a great impression of the beach. This is one of the capital and world class record white finest beach. According to the tourist vacationer it is remarkable nice beach than a Phuket. This 2009 Boracay has just been named as one of New York Times' 44 Places to Go in 2009.

This is a great beach for a lot of activities you can enjoy and have fun. A lot of sexy lady walking on the beach just wearing a swim suit wear to adds the beauty of the beach and feel the different atmosphere.The most unique thing you can appreciate of the place and you can see like a paradise is the white sand castle mostly made by children over there. It is a hand made and consider as a great one.

Local and foreign country wanting to visit this place.
This good also for the accommodation of wedding events and honeymoon.
The island jewel of Boracay — known for its emerald water, white sand beaches and glassy lagoons — may be just that. Less than an hour from Manila by plane, this small, four-mile-long island has long been a destination for wealthy Filipinos. Now, a new breed of South Beach-style hotels is broadening the island's appeal. The Tides, a chic boutique hotel, has quickly become the pool-and-party spot for the Philippine jet set. And later this year, a Shangri-La hotel opens with 219 rooms and villas and a 61,000-square-foot spa on a private bay.

Things to do in Boracay

Read and Enjoy the Activities:

Boracay island is first and foremost a sun-worshippers paradise. Fine white sand and calm waters conspire to keep visitors coming back. Massages, fruit shakes, drinks, snacks, and even wi-fi make for a one-stop beach experience.

Those who tire of lazing about will enjoy traversing the sandy pedestrian path along the white beach. Restaurants, shops, scuba diving, mountain bike rentals, and sea sports of all sorts are available along the beach. There will be no shortage of friendly faces offering sunset paraw (the local sailboat) tours, island hopping and tours by motorized banca, hair braiding and henna tattooing, and even a little Nemo to show you some clown fish through a glass bottomed boat! Internet, phone, and fax are available all over the island. Notable are the Korean owned Station 168 and Inso at D'Mall.

For the more adventurous, there is D'Wall, a rock climbing wall located at D'Mall near Boat Station 2, mountain biking around the island, kayaking around the island (about 4 hours- definitely not recommended in rough seas)

Diving and Snorkeling.

Boracay island is surrounded entirely by reef. The fine white sand is actually a product of the grinding of dead coral. Most dive sites are within 15-20 minutes by boat. Perhaps the best diving is to be found at Yapak, a 30-65m sheer wall covered by soft coral and frequented by large fish. Depth, currents, and choppy waters tend to make this an advanced dive. The dive shop will bring you to more accessible areas for drift dives and cave dives. The sheltered western end of the island also has calm, shallow reefs for beginners.

Windsurfing and Kite-surfing.

Boracay island has become a destination for wind and kite-surfing. Conditions are good year-round at various areas around the island. Bulabog Beach along the eastern shore of Boracay island is a popular area for beginners and experts alike due to the onshore winds and shallow bottom.

Other Water Sports.
Nearly every imaginable water sport is available in Boracay. Motorized boats, kayaks, para-sailing, banana boats, and jet-skis are all available at reasonable rates.

Mountain Biking.
Numerous places rent out mountain bikes. Check the quality of the bike carefully as the ocean air is very unkind to mountain bikes. If you are able to find a good quality rental, there are many enjoyable tours to be had around Boracay Island.


There is a massage to be had for every budget, from the Php 350/hour beach massage to the $70 treatments and the world-renowned Mandala Spa near Station 3 of Boracay Island. Nestled in a lush forested hill is a first-class native-style resort and spa offering restorative packages such as foot baths, body wraps, floral baths, and massage. A professional but loving touch divinely invigorates the worldly worn among us.
Kite-surfing in Boracay

Kite surfing is one of the many attractions of Boracay. Boracay has much to offer not only to kite, sures of all abilities, but also to their companions. A beautiful bay with warm blue water is lined with palm trees. The water is typically no deeper than chest lever throughout the entire bay.

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  1. Boracay is really beautiful! It's a paradise.. We've been there before too and it's a dream come true!