LOVE OF MY LIFE: Tamiami Trail

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tamiami Trail

The Tamiami Florida.
The name comes from the combination of the name of two (2) places Tampa and Miami. The reason of this unique name combination is because the Tamiami Trail, a roadway that connecting the two cities.
The Tamiami trail was built in 1920s to allow vehicles to travel
between Tampa and Miami. The bridge is the one
biggest goal and dream of the Southern Florida.
It helps to connect and develop the places like Everglades, Big Cypress , Naples , Sarasota bay. This is the longest trail road that represent how good and great are the engineers and residents here to have that bridge plan. Imagine from the Tampa to Miami along the road of that place there is a lot more nice and historical places you can stop by and amaze you to visit. One of that place is the beautiful section of Big cypress a million acres of forest that is dark, foreboding and beautiful. The sizes of trees, orchids, the elusive Florida panthers, ambush otters, hogs and deer. The Sarasota Bay has a blue waters of Bay, is one of Florida's better-off and better-looking towns, and also one of the state's leading cultural centers.The community is far less stuffy than its wealth might suggest, and downtown Sarasota is fairly lively, with caf├ęs, bars and eateries complementing the excellent grouping of bookstores for which the place has been known. Most visitors stop by to see the Ringling estate on the town's northern edge " home of the art". Plus the beautiful barrier island beaches which is a couple of miles away across the bay.
Tamiami Trail can be the most exciting place, the wild trail road and kind of adventure I really can't forgot the time that my hubby driven the bridge trail going to Ft.Myers that was a very attractive trips across the bridge. We stop by also in a one park which have a tallest statue which caught my attention and really amaze it. I know there is a lot more about the Tamiami Trail and more nice places accross the road and more exciting attraction. My knowledge is not enough to express about that historical bridge but the important is the Southern Florida dream become true and they become successful for that project of Tamiami trail bridge.

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