LOVE OF MY LIFE: Sep 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The Toy Land show on Christmas at Dolly Wood that was Dec, 2008 me and my husband watch it and visit the Dolly Wood located at Pigeon Forge Tenesse. The Toy land show was really amaze to all kids and even at the old age too because the show was so meaningful for childrens and parenting that all really love it. The show it's about the family who had 2kids girl and boy. The kids was lost in the toy land and they really love the place, it is like a paradise place for them. I was remember in my childhood time I really wanting toys also but suddenly my mother cannot afford to buy it and toys was not priority to my family. I just got toy made of paper or card board which my best friend classmate in grade school teach me how to make a doll made of paper. I was so happy when I know how to make a doll, it's like my world was complete that time. I make alot of paper dress also for my paper doll. I really cannot forgot those time because I understand now that the kids worlds is a Toys and that's what makes them happy. I know what the two kids felt when they lost in the Toy Land I know how they love it. I am bit emotional when I watch this show because I can relate it. When I seen them how they scared and fight the big monster spider just to be happy and enjoy the toy land It's like what I did in my childhood time I am always did a hard time to be happy and always straggle the life.... Just visit for more information about the place and show.