LOVE OF MY LIFE: NASA Kennedy Space Center

Friday, November 27, 2009

NASA Kennedy Space Center

I'm going to post today the most interesting place in the world. The NASA's Kennedy Space Center it is located in Brevard County on Florida East Coast.
The Kennedy Space Center is one of 10 NASA center and served as America's spaceport.
The space shuttle launches are visible for miles around even in my home area I can view the the space shuttle to take off but be ready for your cam because it is flown very fast. Thousands of people coming and visit here in Kennedy space Center just to watch the launches. The Kennedy Space Center complex offers for tour, exhibits where you learned a lot about the NASA and the outer space. They will give a sort of history about the astronauts and particular about their food.
The Space Shuttle have recently mission to the
moon to discover about if their is a water in the moon and about the texture of it. I was remember when I was grade
school I always wonder how the first astronaut Nail Armstrong going there and how he survive in the outer space. Here the NASA Kennedy Space Center answer all my question before and Feeds my wonder about the moon. It is awesome to watch the shuttle and keeping my eyes about their mission.
NASA is an agency of the United State Government which is responsible for the nation's public space program. NASA was established by the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958. The agency become operational on October 1, 1958. NASA ha led in U.S effort for
space exploration ever since, resulting in the Apollo mission to the moon, Skylab space station, and now the Space Shuttle.

Apollo program is the mission to land human on the moon and bring them back safely to Earth. Skylab was the first space station the United State launch
into orbit. The Space shuttle is become a major focus of NASA since late 1970's and 1980's until this moment.

Today another successful moment of NASA after 11 days brilliant mission in the outer space all astronaut land back into the Earth safety. The Space Shuttle touch on Kennedy Space Center at 9:45 morning Friday. Welcome back to the earth all Astronaut job well done. It is a sweet home again and happy belated celebrating a thanks giving. I know they miss all the family and their mission is not easy. Thanks a lot for all the knowledge of outer space and information they giving update to all people. Always praying for the successful of all mission. Very proud of this NASA program how I dream to be one of person touching the ground on the moon. The last mission they have is called Atlantis mission I hope it is not true about I heard the last Mission of NASA is this coming 2010 or 2011 they will stop having mission outside the Earth because it is so expensive. They said sending astronaut in the outer space is not a priority project of the government and no more budget for all expenses. How sad it is after all this years plus more crew in the Kennedy Space Center are lost their job. I know the mission is very expensive but it because of this mission the U.S.A proved beyond above the dream they rich and achieved it. They proved that discovery is an answer of all wonders for every people. For me Discovery is a beginning of life because that's a time we open our eyes absorbed in our brain knowing a lot of things as another stepping stone to our life.

Thank you all reader Have a bless full day all I hope everybody enjoy reading and learned a lot.


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