LOVE OF MY LIFE: Nov 11, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pattaya Thailand

LET me bring you In tour of Asia :)
Now we talk about Thailand. For a detail of the place I will say Pattaya Bangkok Thailand located on east coast of the golf of Thailand. I know now a days most men are looking for seductive and attractive entertainment. Thailand is booming now as a men paradise. Hundreds of bars, gay bars, club , strip club, massage parlors, cabarets, and go- go bars which feature beautiful transsexuals who mime to both old and modern music while dressed in glitzy costumes. These remain extremely popular with tourists.
The night life is so much extreme in this place it is crowded and noise. They said the lonely men on earth can be alive and the blood will flow fast once they will visit here in Pattaya. Thailand is known also for a class lady boy performer. For the gay nightlife scene Pattaya has Boyz Town centered round Soi Pattayaland. This noisy and popular area has many gay go-go bars and beer bars. The adjacent Sunee Plaza is similar but both quieter and more private. Gay bars can also be found in other parts of Pattaya that cater for a more mixed crowd in usually quieter settings. Jomtien Beach is another gay meeting area. Thailand is become a modernize country and competing in western to give the best entertainment. American men is the most particular wanting in there place it's because of the dazzling girls in club stripper and massage parlor. They felt like they are really experience the falling star in the men world.
Thai are known for the metaphor facial smile they will react according to the environment they belongs in short they don't have religion required or needs. More are said they are friendly and open door for the people where they are comfortable with.

About the famous and infamous attractions, Bangkok’s best feature is its intermingling of opposites. A modern world of affluence orbits around a serene traditional core. Step outside the four-star hotels into a typical Siamese village where taxi drivers knock back energy drinks and upcountry transplants grill chicken on a street side barbecue. Hop the Sky train to the glitzy shopping malls where trust-fund babies examine luxury brands as carefully as the housewives inspect produce at the open-air markets. Or appreciate the attempts at enlightenment at the city’s famous temples and doorstep shrines, or simple acts of kindness amid the urban bustle.You can jump between all of these worlds – wining and hobnobbing at a chic club, eating at a street side market, getting plucked and pummelled into something more beautiful, or sweating profusely on a long unplanned march. Bangkok is an urban connoisseur’s Fantasy come true.