LOVE OF MY LIFE: Daytona Sprint Fanzone

Friday, November 20, 2009

Daytona Sprint Fanzone

The SPRINT Fan Zone located within the infield at Daytona International Speedway. The fans have a great time to enjoy and tour inside the fan zone. You can watch the garage of all the different driver and seen how all the team gets assemble and working together. The fans have a chance to have a tour inside the speed way and feel the victory lane. All the fanatic are excited for the event and get a chance to have a picture of their favorite car team and chase driver. You can see different staff from the different driver that they sold out. Includes t-shirt, cap, and many more where you can shop. The one reason also why the fan zone is open to anybody is because to get near to all fans and the fans feel the whole energy of speed way. They give more interest and knowledge what all about the NASCAR race.

The fan zone have a place also for camp ground where people from other state can stay there before the race or after the race. Picnic, parties, trade show, concert and much more event perfectly for any body.
Most of other people I seen they have a party
they set up a trailer, tables and chair where beers and smokey grill food are ready for the party time. The party is not complete with out the a band performer and the budweiser bistro so just be prepared your self for the loud crowd and enjoy the music band.


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