LOVE OF MY LIFE: 06/01/2010 - 07/01/2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home And Living

is One of the hardest things to shop for in a traditional store are bed frames. The Home and Living offer every size and configuration that you could possible need.

One time me and my husband got our first bed we got trouble about the frame beacuse
just for 1 month the frame give up and damage the wheels side. Right now no more worry because the Home And Living furniture will give you the best frame with any sizes you like. Shipping free and no tax sales. I visit their online store @ where you can find the types of frame you like for your bed.

Bed Frames
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Home And Living

State of California I seen the nice furniture which is perfect for the house it is located at 7240 Crider Ave Pico Rivera, CA 90660, Home and Living, Inc. They have different types and kinds of furniture you can chose. The good news is they will deliver for free shipping and no sales tax plus you can select any of there furniture and order in online. Just check and view their site for more information and any item selection.  

This are my favorite furniture I want from there online store.
The grandfather/floor clock and the entertainment center furniture which is beautiful to have in my new house. Their is a lot more you can see and select different furniture for kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, office and many more to make your house perfect and beauty.

A place for furniture @
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gulf Spills Oil Desaster

The ongoing impact of BP oil spills in Gulf of Mexico presents is the most widespread of ecological and economical disaster in the United State history. A lot of affected by the oil slick including the beach front property owners, vacation rental owners, and hoteliers, restaurants, sports fishing charters, waters sports rental company, fishermen, seafood distributors, and marketers and those whose  living is tied to  Gulf of Mexico and any other individuals and business that have have or may suffer economically as a result of this oil spills disaster.

As the massive oil spills caused by the worst rig explosion in decades continues  to spread across the Gulf of Mexico, the impact of our lives and our local economy is yet to be determined. The potential ecological and economic damaged could be monumental and the economic affects from the ecological damage could be more pervasive and long lasting than we can ever imagine. While BP has accepted  responsibility for the oil spills and has pledge to pay for clean up and all the damage done included all the business owners and many more affected from it.

At the presents, significant claims arising from the oil spills include fishing and other commercial interruption, loss of tourism, hotel and hospitality revenues, damage to real property, loss of tax revenues, shipping and transportation interruption.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Month of June my husband fill up for his vacation for this year. He invite his son from Indianna to come over here in Florida so they will have a nice vacation with us also. I am excited about the vacation plan of my husband and excited also to meet our first grand son. I cannot wait this vacation because we going to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends. The place where most visited all over the World the Magic Kingdom. I know this place is very perfect for the kids and a lot of fun during summer.

The son of my husband don't have any problem about the vacation plan, he never worried about leaving his house with out any body there to watch it. Like us he using also a home security Device were 24/7 to monitor the house for the assurance of the safety and nothing will gone when they got back home. Having a right security home is very important and a right choice to our life specially this time I heard a lot of our neighbors somebody broke their window and back door were scared me a lot. So thankful to have it were making our mind peace and comfortable while we all in the vacation.

Friday in the evening the son of my husband was here with his wife and little boy. I cannot refused to paint smile in my face to see them. I am very glad for the first time I meet his son and having chance to spend time with them. Me and my husband decided to go to the Walt Disney World to visit the Magic Kingdom. I am happy about it because, It was my dream since I was kid that one day I will see the World were full of fantasy and joy of happiness with different character who entertaining the kids and every one. That was amazing vacation everybody was happy and a lot of fun. We enjoy the rides and the environment where a lot of people fall in line just to meet Mickey Mouse to take some picture. The crowd was so amazing every corner I seen a lot of kids where never give up to dragging their mom and dad to go where they want. About our grandson he is so entertained with the Disney character.

The Magic Kingdom theme park, one of 4 Theme Park in Walt Disney World Resort, captures the enchantment of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions,  backstage tours,and beloved Disney character. Travel through these lands and see how fantasy becomes reality when you learn how to be a pirate, match wits with funny monster and conquer mountains. Get swept up in the spectacle of splendid parades and fireworks show at Magic Kingdom theme park. That's the dream come true of children's and all ages.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Skyway Bridge Tampa Florida

St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area CVB located South of St. Petersburg the Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans Tampa Bay and connects Pinellas and Manatee counties. The bridge was modeled after the Brotonne Bridge over the Seine River in France and is Florida’s first suspension bridge. It is 4.1 miles long and the roadway soars 183 feet above Tampa Bay. It is the third in the lineage of bridges which have connected St. Petersburg and Bradenton. The old bridge has been dismantled and its approaches have been converted into the state’s longest fishing piers. The new bridge’s cables, resembling an inverted fan, are painted yellow and illuminated at night.

Many years ago downtown St. Petersburg was known more for its green park benches and elderly population than anything else. Today, that has all changed. Downtown St. Petersburg is a bustling business center that draws people of all ages offering six major museums, a number of art galleries, shops, restaurants and entertainment options, all in a charming waterfront setting.
An icon of the downtown area, the Pier offers many entertainment and dining choices as well as stunning waterfront views. Whether you take a boat or Segway tour of the waterfront, dine on the top deck of the five-story inverted pyramid or simply enjoy a sunset, visiting the Pier is a memorable experience.

St. Petersburg has a long and colorful Major League history. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays play in St. Petersburg's Tropicana Field. Interestingly, they are the first team to host spring training in its home city since 1919. Spring training takes place at Al Lang Field at Progress Energy Park in downtown.
A new sport has come to the area. In an area long known for its boat races, the February, 2003 inaugural running of the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg had everyone on the edge of their seat. The now annual roaring Indy-style auto racing event features a 1.78-mile circuit along the waterfront with spectacular views of Tampa Bay.

It is amazing drive in Sunshine Skyway Bridge you surrounded the wide ocean. The water sparkling in your eyes and the long bridge is like embracing you and welcome you to coming the Tampa Place. The bridge has a disaster and tragedy history also like collision vehicles that's why when terms of driving make sure to have Car Insurance

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort was open October 1, 1971 and it marks as a most visited theme park in the world. The Walt Disney company began to construction on the Magic Kingdom and the entire Resort in 1967 after the death of the Walt Disney. The park itself initially built similar design of Disneyland in California. How ever the Magic Kingdom built in the larger area of Central Florida. The layout of the resort placed Magic Kingdom more than a mile away from its parking lot on the opposite side of the man made Seven Seas Lagoon. Upon arriving at the park, guests are taken by the parking trams to the transportation and ticketing center. This facility, as its name implies, sells ticket to the park and provide transportation connection throughout the resort complex. It also has a small gift shop, the Magic Kingdom's pet-boarding kennel and the central Lost and Found facility for all the four theme parks.
To reach the Magic Kingdom, visiting guests can choose between public transit and Staten-Island ferryboat. The three ferries are dressed in different trim colors and are names for  past Disney executive. General Joe Potter (Blue), Richard F. Irvine (Red), the Admiral Joe Fowler (Green). The park map list forty-eight attractions in seven themed "lands." Design like a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella Castle, pathways spoke out across 107 acres of  Magic Kingdom Theme Park and leads to these seven land. The Walt Disney World Railroad runs along the perimeters of the park and Frontierland   makes stop at Main Street U.S.A, and Mickey's Toontown Fair 
The Walt Disney is a Dream come true of all dreamer to walk the fancy land which bringing joy and inspiration and new knowledge to all who comes of this happy place. The Magic Kingdom where the young at heart of all ages can laugh, and play and learn. This is not only a places for kids who dreaming to walk this world like a prince and princes. This is a world for every body to experience and witness the wonder of imagination and the creation design of architectural and having a lot of fun with different character specially to smile and laugh with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The adventure with different character and enjoy the resort place is a breath taking for every body. A lot of kids dreaming to celebrate their birth day in this famous theme park and wanting to treat like a princes Cinderella and other princes character they seen on TV. The Walt Disney world are very influence to different country in the world like England, Asia and many more. This is the number one successful vacation park of the world and estimated 17.2 million visitors.

Like the other kids I was start dreaming to experience this Magic Kingdom every time I seen it on TV. I am always thinking when I will visit this place and how. I cannot imagine and believed at my age now my dream before become true. I am living near now at Mickey Mouse World where any time me and my husband can tour and visit the parks. Our house in just 30 minutes away from the Walt Disney World. We just set our  Winston Salem ADT security of our home and everything are great, don't have any fear to leave and have fun for the great adventure of the Magic Kingdom.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cool Ride in Florida

Summer time people getting crazy about where they going to spend their vacation and where they going to have a nice place for their summer time. Like here and Florida during the summer season I seen different vehicle coming and driving down here because they love the beach here in Florida. Mostly they came from the North State and tired from the winter and they wanting to feel the warm weather here and Florida that's why they drive down here fully pack of luggage with them and some other with their family also.
Truck the vehicles are the famous one for the cool ride I like and I seen because of the quality of it and the capacity to drive a long way of your destination. When I seen truck I can tell it is a strong type of vehicles and can do a lot of task. When I ride it I feel like I am safe enough with  it and comfortable. Mostly I want about the truck you can put a different accessories and make it looks hot and pretty cool. The accessories of vehicles will add the looks of the vehicles it will help also to satisfied your needs and makes your vehicles more neat. Like my hubby did he wanting to put accessories to his Jeep and it's really cool and makes the Jeep hot. When we driving here around Florida he took off the top of his Jeep and wow it's really adventure ride. His Jeep is color black he put the side steps, wind shield, bug shield, gas covers, head bar and bumper. He change also the wheels into a big hot wheels he did a great job on his Jeep and a lot of people really appreciate it. That's a lot of fun to ride and most specially when we drive in the beach.

To make a cool ride Check and get some Accessories

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio

Air Duct Cleaners in San Antonio
Want to breath a clean air the San Antoneo and Austin texas can make a way to make your air clean. The Air Duct Cleaning services can greatly reduce indoor air pollution in your home. It free your air ducts of allergens, dust, and harmful microbes. It proudly use Nikro H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) systems to clean your ducts from the inside out, and all of our equipment meets or exceeds NADCA, OSHA and EPA standards. Start enjoy your home with out any hustle of pollutant air and allergens which can harmful your health...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Camiguin

The small Island where you can have a great adventure. The Island can amazed your eyes and gives you a lot of history not only from the country but have a big contribution to the world war history.
Camiguin Island of the Philippines. Come in discover and let the place bring you back on the old time zone. Relax your vacation and feel the lovely nature.
Camiguin Island is known for the blue clear water Island it is very small Island province of the Philippines located in Northern Coast of Mindanao Region. Camiguin Island has a very historical contribution of the Philippines. This Island is not only bless from the white sand, clear blue water and historical contribution but bless also by the nature surrounded of this Island where attract to all vacationer foreign and local. The Camiguin Island is composed of four young stratovolcanoes overlying older volcanic structures. One of these, Hibok-Hibok, last erupted in 1953 and is still considered active. The other major volcanic edifices are Mt. Vulcan (671 meters (2,201 ft), northwest of Hibok-Hibok), Mt. Mambajao (1,552 meters (5,092 ft), in central Camiguin), Mt. Ginsiliban (581 meters (1,906 ft), southernmost Camiguin), and Mt. Uhay (north of Mount Ginsiliban). There are also domes and cones at Campana Hill, Minokol Hill, Tres Marias Hill, Mt. Carling, Mt. Tibane, and Piyakong Hill. The historical contribution of this Island are : The time of Spanish Colonial Era, American Colonial Era, World War II the Japanese Imperial Army landed in Camiguin and set up a government in Mambajao, The Independence of the Philippines where Camiguin have a part of it. This all historical asset of Camiguin is the one reason also why a lot of foreign people wanting to visit here and check the area.

Camiguin is a nice places also where people can relax and have fun on there vacation. One thing in my mind is how so great to have one resort over there because this place is not pack of many Hotels and Resort which can accommodate to all vacationers. Some thinking they get some area for vacation house or rental house. In this situated I really wanting to have a nice area also for my vacation house where I can enjoy  the very nice place of Camiguin. The vacation house where I will accommodate some vacationers who wanting to stay a couples of days in the Island. The Camiguin is the place where people can do many adventure also. Scuba diving and snorkeling is one of the great and fun things to do. Chasing the water falls breathing the good air and experiencing the great abundant nature is the one big things where you cannot forgot your vacation time at this island. The blue clear water and the white sand will bind your heart to this Island.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

52316 -

Yesterday is Memorial Holiday May 31 my family spending a good time in the Ft.Meyers beach. It is a good summer time where a lot of people enjoying the beach and the hot weather. Have a lot of fun swimming and paddling the wave were makes me hungry. The summer  family bonding will not be completed with out the food and grill because my family is always having fun cooking on the grill. When it comes of cooking I am so much wanting herbs, spices, and chilli. The Penderys spices complete my taste of food when my stomach feel hungry. At 11:00 in the morning I prepared my grill.  Grill on the beach is so perfect have a lot of fun. The weather gives a lot of energy to enjoy single time of my days on that Holiday. I marinated my pork, beef and few vegetables with Penderys spices before I put it on my grill. When my grill start smoking my husband set beside me and told me the seasoning I used is really smell good and it make my heart big. Every people pass in front of me cooking on the grill they give smile and appreciated the smell of the smoke from my grill. They said I make them hungry and wanting to eat. My husband just laugh about it because the more wind blows strong the more smoke blowing of anybody which creating noise from them. That's the experienced I cannot forgot that holiday because I got a lot of attention of people on the beach because of the Penderys spices gives aroma of my foods. It is not only an aromatic day for me but I accomplish a good job by giving so much energy and love to my family. They  love the taste of the foods and they eat a lot of that day. They love the little spicy I put on to my beef and pork. For me that's the great day I spend of my life because I satisfied not only the stomach of my family but the taste of satisfaction is a big pleasure for me. I know the nice view of one place is nothing if we don't have enough energy to spend with it. That's why grill and food is always complete my family summer bonding. It is a lot of fun to do and a lot of energy we can spend of the nice beach. Thanks the Penderys where makes our food delicious and healthy taste for a good seasoning of our foods. My family enjoy the foods while spending time for the nice beach during our summer time bonding...
I invite everyone to try using this spices and experienced the great aroma. The healthy seasoning which mark a lot  of  people specially more on the food expert. The healthy seasoning that brings a different spices that you love it most...

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