LOVE OF MY LIFE: Aug 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walt Disney World anniversary trip

The month of September is a big Wedding Anniversary  we celebrate for our grandma  day. She is one of the special woman I know in this world her age is 103 years old but she still look great and can talk very well. The digital hearing aid is helping a lot to my grandma to communicate other people. The miracle ear  in Texas is a great hearing devices I known which is fitted and one reason why I got a lot of great time spending to my grandma. We talking a lot about her garden before and her farms how she taking care it with grandpa. Clear hearing is very possible to her age because of that devices.

My grandma live in Indiana where is very far from where we live. The Indiana is the place where it will snow a lot and freezing during winter time. I know every winter time is a bad weather for my grandma she feel freezing and feel old enough to feel and play the snow. Month of September that is a special day of her. Me and my husband planing to take her down in Orlando Florida to celebrate her wedding anniversary. I know grandma had only a limited time to stay in this world it's because of her age. The Disney World is a great place where we can bring her and enjoy her special day to remember her good memories with grandpa. Me and my husband wanting her to look back her childhood and we think Disney is a big surprise for her to plush back all her memories when she was a child. All we want is to paint a smile in her face and make a happy moment with our grandma and make her day as the most special in her life.

Everything was successful inside the Disney World our grandma was amaze she realized everything are change a lot. She noticed that there's a lot of time passed in her life. Tears and joy what I seen in her face. She hold my hand and nothing regrets every seconds she seen and heard from the theme parks. It is so amazing that our grandma enjoy that moment. We so thankful for the Miracle ear because on that moment our grandma had a great time listened all the music and noise from the kids and different characters were it makes my grandma to remember her childhood moment. It was a great vacation and I really cannot forgot it. Thanks a lot for the grandma memories in the Disney World it was a great trip with her and we had a lot of fun because of the miracle ear divices we can exchange a lot of thoughts on that day.