LOVE OF MY LIFE: Skyway Bridge Tampa Florida

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Skyway Bridge Tampa Florida

St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area CVB located South of St. Petersburg the Sunshine Skyway Bridge spans Tampa Bay and connects Pinellas and Manatee counties. The bridge was modeled after the Brotonne Bridge over the Seine River in France and is Florida’s first suspension bridge. It is 4.1 miles long and the roadway soars 183 feet above Tampa Bay. It is the third in the lineage of bridges which have connected St. Petersburg and Bradenton. The old bridge has been dismantled and its approaches have been converted into the state’s longest fishing piers. The new bridge’s cables, resembling an inverted fan, are painted yellow and illuminated at night.

Many years ago downtown St. Petersburg was known more for its green park benches and elderly population than anything else. Today, that has all changed. Downtown St. Petersburg is a bustling business center that draws people of all ages offering six major museums, a number of art galleries, shops, restaurants and entertainment options, all in a charming waterfront setting.
An icon of the downtown area, the Pier offers many entertainment and dining choices as well as stunning waterfront views. Whether you take a boat or Segway tour of the waterfront, dine on the top deck of the five-story inverted pyramid or simply enjoy a sunset, visiting the Pier is a memorable experience.

St. Petersburg has a long and colorful Major League history. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays play in St. Petersburg's Tropicana Field. Interestingly, they are the first team to host spring training in its home city since 1919. Spring training takes place at Al Lang Field at Progress Energy Park in downtown.
A new sport has come to the area. In an area long known for its boat races, the February, 2003 inaugural running of the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg had everyone on the edge of their seat. The now annual roaring Indy-style auto racing event features a 1.78-mile circuit along the waterfront with spectacular views of Tampa Bay.

It is amazing drive in Sunshine Skyway Bridge you surrounded the wide ocean. The water sparkling in your eyes and the long bridge is like embracing you and welcome you to coming the Tampa Place. The bridge has a disaster and tragedy history also like collision vehicles that's why when terms of driving make sure to have Car Insurance


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