LOVE OF MY LIFE: Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort was open October 1, 1971 and it marks as a most visited theme park in the world. The Walt Disney company began to construction on the Magic Kingdom and the entire Resort in 1967 after the death of the Walt Disney. The park itself initially built similar design of Disneyland in California. How ever the Magic Kingdom built in the larger area of Central Florida. The layout of the resort placed Magic Kingdom more than a mile away from its parking lot on the opposite side of the man made Seven Seas Lagoon. Upon arriving at the park, guests are taken by the parking trams to the transportation and ticketing center. This facility, as its name implies, sells ticket to the park and provide transportation connection throughout the resort complex. It also has a small gift shop, the Magic Kingdom's pet-boarding kennel and the central Lost and Found facility for all the four theme parks.
To reach the Magic Kingdom, visiting guests can choose between public transit and Staten-Island ferryboat. The three ferries are dressed in different trim colors and are names for  past Disney executive. General Joe Potter (Blue), Richard F. Irvine (Red), the Admiral Joe Fowler (Green). The park map list forty-eight attractions in seven themed "lands." Design like a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella Castle, pathways spoke out across 107 acres of  Magic Kingdom Theme Park and leads to these seven land. The Walt Disney World Railroad runs along the perimeters of the park and Frontierland   makes stop at Main Street U.S.A, and Mickey's Toontown Fair 
The Walt Disney is a Dream come true of all dreamer to walk the fancy land which bringing joy and inspiration and new knowledge to all who comes of this happy place. The Magic Kingdom where the young at heart of all ages can laugh, and play and learn. This is not only a places for kids who dreaming to walk this world like a prince and princes. This is a world for every body to experience and witness the wonder of imagination and the creation design of architectural and having a lot of fun with different character specially to smile and laugh with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. The adventure with different character and enjoy the resort place is a breath taking for every body. A lot of kids dreaming to celebrate their birth day in this famous theme park and wanting to treat like a princes Cinderella and other princes character they seen on TV. The Walt Disney world are very influence to different country in the world like England, Asia and many more. This is the number one successful vacation park of the world and estimated 17.2 million visitors.

Like the other kids I was start dreaming to experience this Magic Kingdom every time I seen it on TV. I am always thinking when I will visit this place and how. I cannot imagine and believed at my age now my dream before become true. I am living near now at Mickey Mouse World where any time me and my husband can tour and visit the parks. Our house in just 30 minutes away from the Walt Disney World. We just set our  Winston Salem ADT security of our home and everything are great, don't have any fear to leave and have fun for the great adventure of the Magic Kingdom.

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  1. it was a wonderful experienced for you to see them in real I haven't see them yet.. wow..:)

  2. Come in Orlando Florida to see them in real
    it is a fantastic experienced

  3. Thank you eleanor to invite to Orlando Florida. Actually it is a fantastic place.