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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

52316 -

Yesterday is Memorial Holiday May 31 my family spending a good time in the Ft.Meyers beach. It is a good summer time where a lot of people enjoying the beach and the hot weather. Have a lot of fun swimming and paddling the wave were makes me hungry. The summer  family bonding will not be completed with out the food and grill because my family is always having fun cooking on the grill. When it comes of cooking I am so much wanting herbs, spices, and chilli. The Penderys spices complete my taste of food when my stomach feel hungry. At 11:00 in the morning I prepared my grill.  Grill on the beach is so perfect have a lot of fun. The weather gives a lot of energy to enjoy single time of my days on that Holiday. I marinated my pork, beef and few vegetables with Penderys spices before I put it on my grill. When my grill start smoking my husband set beside me and told me the seasoning I used is really smell good and it make my heart big. Every people pass in front of me cooking on the grill they give smile and appreciated the smell of the smoke from my grill. They said I make them hungry and wanting to eat. My husband just laugh about it because the more wind blows strong the more smoke blowing of anybody which creating noise from them. That's the experienced I cannot forgot that holiday because I got a lot of attention of people on the beach because of the Penderys spices gives aroma of my foods. It is not only an aromatic day for me but I accomplish a good job by giving so much energy and love to my family. They  love the taste of the foods and they eat a lot of that day. They love the little spicy I put on to my beef and pork. For me that's the great day I spend of my life because I satisfied not only the stomach of my family but the taste of satisfaction is a big pleasure for me. I know the nice view of one place is nothing if we don't have enough energy to spend with it. That's why grill and food is always complete my family summer bonding. It is a lot of fun to do and a lot of energy we can spend of the nice beach. Thanks the Penderys where makes our food delicious and healthy taste for a good seasoning of our foods. My family enjoy the foods while spending time for the nice beach during our summer time bonding...
I invite everyone to try using this spices and experienced the great aroma. The healthy seasoning which mark a lot  of  people specially more on the food expert. The healthy seasoning that brings a different spices that you love it most...

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  1. Hi Eleanor, thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow, nice to hear from you that you are having vacation with your family. That sure is busy time for you and everyone there. The bbq pic really is tempting, I'm drooling ;) I really miss the white sand beaches. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.

  2. thank you for liking my picture Mel... The vacation was really fun so much... Thanks also for visit here