LOVE OF MY LIFE: Trip to Camiguin

Friday, June 4, 2010

Trip to Camiguin

The small Island where you can have a great adventure. The Island can amazed your eyes and gives you a lot of history not only from the country but have a big contribution to the world war history.
Camiguin Island of the Philippines. Come in discover and let the place bring you back on the old time zone. Relax your vacation and feel the lovely nature.
Camiguin Island is known for the blue clear water Island it is very small Island province of the Philippines located in Northern Coast of Mindanao Region. Camiguin Island has a very historical contribution of the Philippines. This Island is not only bless from the white sand, clear blue water and historical contribution but bless also by the nature surrounded of this Island where attract to all vacationer foreign and local. The Camiguin Island is composed of four young stratovolcanoes overlying older volcanic structures. One of these, Hibok-Hibok, last erupted in 1953 and is still considered active. The other major volcanic edifices are Mt. Vulcan (671 meters (2,201 ft), northwest of Hibok-Hibok), Mt. Mambajao (1,552 meters (5,092 ft), in central Camiguin), Mt. Ginsiliban (581 meters (1,906 ft), southernmost Camiguin), and Mt. Uhay (north of Mount Ginsiliban). There are also domes and cones at Campana Hill, Minokol Hill, Tres Marias Hill, Mt. Carling, Mt. Tibane, and Piyakong Hill. The historical contribution of this Island are : The time of Spanish Colonial Era, American Colonial Era, World War II the Japanese Imperial Army landed in Camiguin and set up a government in Mambajao, The Independence of the Philippines where Camiguin have a part of it. This all historical asset of Camiguin is the one reason also why a lot of foreign people wanting to visit here and check the area.

Camiguin is a nice places also where people can relax and have fun on there vacation. One thing in my mind is how so great to have one resort over there because this place is not pack of many Hotels and Resort which can accommodate to all vacationers. Some thinking they get some area for vacation house or rental house. In this situated I really wanting to have a nice area also for my vacation house where I can enjoy  the very nice place of Camiguin. The vacation house where I will accommodate some vacationers who wanting to stay a couples of days in the Island. The Camiguin is the place where people can do many adventure also. Scuba diving and snorkeling is one of the great and fun things to do. Chasing the water falls breathing the good air and experiencing the great abundant nature is the one big things where you cannot forgot your vacation time at this island. The blue clear water and the white sand will bind your heart to this Island.

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  1. I definitely agree, it is one of the most beautiful island in the Philippines and a very great place to spend some R&R. The aura of the island is peaceful and calm, which makes it ideal. I would suggest not to go there during the summer months, it can get quite crowded, after all it is a tiny island.