LOVE OF MY LIFE: Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore

The Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore is the great place to stay for any traveler. It is a heart of the business center and excellent for the entertainment area in the City of Singapore. The location is near from the city business commercial area and features to comport that can be expected to be one of the top group hotel in the world.

All 420 rooms features a multimedia computer so that any
one enjoy staying there even they will not bring any lap top
they still have computer access. There are 7 meetings rooms, a fitness center, nice swimming pool, a nice view of restaurant and bar.

The Singapore River is the one attractive of the place, people love to walking specially at nights because of the glamours light. It was on its banks that the foundations for modern Singapore were laid more than 150 years ago. Beginning life as a humble bustling fishing village, it soon developed into a busy seaport as trade increased between the East and West.
It wasn't long before industrious stevedores and hardworking Samsui women filled the streets and enterprising hawkers packed the alleyways with their fares. Fishermen, traders and workers from across Asia and Europe soon flooded in - adding diversity, colour, and life into the thriving and vibrant community.

In the present you can see the attraction of the place lying near the mouth of the Singapore River, the site of Clarke Quay was the centre of commerce during the late 19Th century. Today, Clarke Quay is still buzzing with life and activity. The waterfront go downs now play host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops. The bustling market atmosphere of bygone days comes alive amidst the rows of charming shop houses, pushcarts, and five-foot-way merchants.
Today, Clarke Quay is a delightful mix of modern and traditional. A reminder of its rich heritage is reflected in the vibrantly orchestrated concept. Their vision - an innovative approach which boldly reflects the heritage and charm of Clarke Quay.


  1. wow, beautiful places, I wish we could visit Singapore too.

  2. Very awesome place. How I wish I could go there... huhuhu