LOVE OF MY LIFE: Isla Reta Island

Friday, December 4, 2009

Isla Reta Island

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The Isla Reta Resort is located in Samal Island of Davao, Philippines it is 20 minutes away from downtown of Davao City. Isla Reta is perfect for a tight budget because it is a cheaper Resort like when I and my cousin went there we just paid like 10 pesos head plus boating 15 pesos. It is a place good for a group reunion or any occasion. They have restaurant also you can order foods. Native chicken soup grill and fried is the best food over there. They have space also for camping so you can bring any camping materials like tent, it is the best for couples and love ones so you can enjoy the braze during night and the music of waves. This is a wider beach that's why I like it and the blue green crystal water which you can admire most.

You can go this place through boating mostly people come here bring their own foods and drinks they will not charge any so that's the good things also. The sand of Isla Reta is very fine also like other beach in the Philippines but sometimes we can see the coral reef side in the beach because it's carried by the waves. The place is great also for boating, fishing, snorkeling, diving and any activities in the beach like valley ball. The green surrounding of this place is make more beauty, they become a sun shade. They have rooms also can accommodate guess during over night or stay in for a couples of days. This place is under development also so price changes is possible...

Watch this video from Isla Reta Island Davao


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