Thursday, November 5, 2009


I am so much proud of the Island of Bohol located in Visayas Philippines where the place I was born. Snorkeling is the one hot pecks for the beach activity over there. Snorkeling is the best alternatives of the scuba diving which you don't have to take all those long lessons and carry the heavy tank on your back. You may think about it as snorkeling beneath the surface of the water. You are free to swim in any area with nice corals and lots of marine life, which you can descend from 5 to 10 meters depth for approximately 30 minutes whether you are a good swimmer or not. The Virgin Island is an open secret of Bohol tourism. With its white sands and untouched natural environment, the Virgin Island is a must-visit. Balicasag Island Bohol one of the choice for the snorkeling, famous for its diverse and exotic marine life. See all kinds of colorful fishes and corals in Balicasag Island's famous marine sanctuary.

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