LOVE OF MY LIFE: So Proud Of You Grandma

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Proud Of You Grandma

I am so Proud Of You GrandMA I feel so amazed everything you did at your age. She is 103 years Old she still can drived mower that so amazing. She cellebrated her birth day last of September 15, 2009. It's a big blessing when I got a chance to see her and talk her that was so a greatful moment I never forgot that. I know not all in this age still can function well of there sense of sight, hearing and words when they talk, but GrandMa surpriced me when she can communicate everybody. When the time I talk to her she always looking back and remembering her big Farm at Indianna because back then she taking care of it and she had a big field of corn, beans, vegetables and different farm animals like hugs,chicken and ship. My husband told me She love taking flowers too and knitting wow me I love crocheting too lol. I wish I was there cellebrating with her birth day but saddenly me and my husband very far to them. The things that I am so thankful was I seen her and talk to her even in a very limited time. She touches my heart so much because I never been closed to my grandma over in the Philippines coz they all died early. I wish all the good health to you GrandMa and I hope to see you again. I am very Proud Of You...Happy happy birth day...

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