LOVE OF MY LIFE: Christmas in Disney World

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Disney World


A greetings of Merry Merry Christmas and a prosperous happy New Year .
Disney world celebrating for a great Christmas and give warm welcome for the fruitful new year. Experienced the wonder land and full of fantasy at Disney world. See and watch in real princes character like Cinderella and many more. The famous Mickey, Mini and the cartoon family will be there to welcome you in the place.
Accommodating for any occasion and great vacation. The resort, fine dining and shopping
store is all there.
Theme park which kids and any age will love. The fantastic rides that you wanting to experienced.

A Christmas show Celebration is a great time to visit here in Disney world where you can see and watch a lot of great and famous performer singer like Celene Dion and many more. Dancing parade with different costume character is great to watch also.

Watch and take different picture of wonderful fire works and Christmas light which in light the dream castle and whole place.

A dream come true to every one thanks a lot and Again Merry Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year.......

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  1. nice post..

    i wish i could bring my 2 kids there..

    btww happy new year! :)