Monday, September 28, 2009


The picture of the nature park.
This pic is a place where you ride the cruise. It is an over looking also of the Clear River.
Some of my picture in a silver spring, Me and the giraffe
The Silver Spring is the historical park and the place you can explore. It is located to Ocala Florida. It is a lot of attraction and adventures that everybody like it. Silver Springs that will make you laugh, fill you with wonder, and provide a glimpse into what life was like here more than 10,000 years ago. Just as they did then, the springs pump out 550 million gallons of sparkling-clear water a day—enough to supply the entire city of New York. This is a Natural State surrounded with marvelous of nature and animals that you won't find anywhere. The one that I love most here is the Fort King River Cruise. It is a transparent glass cruise that you can see the bottom of the river which have a different spices of animals, a dozen of fish and all amidst the backdrop of tiny fossilized shells from 70 million years ago. The cruise will bring you back 70 millions years ago which will amaze you a lot how the place can survive and preserved naturally. The place have a wildlife exhibit, botanical garden, rides and activities, shopping and dining, concert and events.. Before I forgot the first Movie of Tarzan and part of Jurassic was shouting here at Silver Spring.

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